Who We Are

COMPLEXUS is an industry research collaboration and advisory initiative that was founded in 2016 for the specific purpose of improving the manner in which risks are controlled within highly complex organisations, projects & programs.

COMPLEXUS endeavours to help the global risk management community to better understand & leverage the more practical applications of the complexity sciences (systems theory, network theory, chaos theory etc.) in order to improve modern day, risk efforts.

COMPLEXUS also aims to work with existing industry research bodies, professional associations and practicing officers within the broader complexity science disciplines, to help deliver tailored solutions to complex industry challenges. In this regard, COMPLEXUS maintains professional relationships with such established Complexity Science knowledge hubs as the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the International Center for Complex Project Management (ICCPM), Engineers Australia (EA) and the Risk Management Institute of Australia (RMIA).

Principal and Founder
Warren Black

Warren is a qualified Engineer, Risk Professional and Complex Systems Theorist. He specialises in helping the broader stakeholders of complex organisations, projects & programs to embed appropriate governance, risk and assurance practices which may better reflect the degree of investment at risk.

Over the past decade in particular, Warren has accrued deep expertise in his chosen subject matter as evidenced by the fact that he was the lead for Program-wide Risk within BG QCLNG and has held Senior Advisory roles at both Deloitte and Marsh Risk Consulting. Warren is also arguably one of only a handful a Risk Professionals who has built a full ‘end-to-end’ risk management & reporting framework for an organisation of over $25 billion (BG QCLNG). At its peak this was the 8th largest project in the world and is therefore a significant indicator of his capability.

Also, as a demonstration of his commitment to his art Warren is currently engaged in a Higher Degree in Research (PHD) whereby he is investigating how the accepted principles of the “complexity sciences” and “complex systems theory” might provide a more appropriate risk management solution for environments that are highly complex, dynamic & disruptive. In this regard, Warren is of the belief that the complexity sciences provide a new lens upon which to help risk management transition into the future.